The Executive Search service has been prevalent in the Greek market for almost three decades. Like everything in life and business, this service is constantly evolving. Either because of the evolving of the executives working in this sector, or because of the growing technology. But what is it that makes this service qualitative and really makes it a competitive advantage for the companies who exploit it?

Understanding the needs
The better the consultant understands the customer’s needs and the culture of the company, the more able he will be to seek targeted executives which he will eventually propose. This will allow him to serve faster the client. It is the consultant’s duty to ask for a detailed job description, visit the customer’s premises to “experience” the culture of the company, to search information about the customer and ideally also to meet the direct supervisor of the position.

Directness in communication
The communication between the consultant and the client must be distinguished from directness and honesty. The one point of contact facilitates the consultation and prevents misunderstandings and wrong decisions.

Structured and objective assessment procedure
The executives’ assessment process must be perfectly structured and objective. The consultants are required to evolve this process according to the needs of the time and the needs of the job. The executives’ characteristics change and understanding them is mandatory. Our unique criteria for proposing and placing the executives is that they fit perfectly with the job description and the client’s culture!

Behaviour towards candidates
The correct feedback, the timely information to candidates about the course of process and their performance in the evaluation are some of the main elements that demonstrate the quality of services of a consulting firm and stand out from the vast majority. The first reason is the human and professional approach of our work. It is also very important not to forget that during an Executive Search project, the consulting company represents and acts on behalf of the client’s name. Which HR Director or General Manager would like the name of their company to acquire the reputation of a bad or rather unprofessional behaviour towards people who entered the process to reclaim a job there?

As mentioned above, the companies and their executives have to adapt to changes and market conditions. Thus, it is prudent and in accordance with the extended period of recession the Greek market is going through, that companies adapt their charges at a reasonable level. For the record, in markets such as Germany, Denmark, England, the USA, etc. the average cost is about as much as 2.5 projects at mid Greek market.

I could mention several other useful elements of less importance such as the quality of the reports delivered by the consultant to the customer, the networking that a consulting company should have, the experienced team, etc. What is certain is that if the consultant is distinguished by sincerity, honesty and follows the above, he has laid a very solid foundation for a successful career in the field of Executive Search.

by Spyros Christodoulatos – Managing Partner