A great leadership team is what every company wishes for. Having a great leadership team is vital for a company, but how can a company ensure that the leader’s choices will drive business success?

CS focuses on providing high level senior advice to your company’s leaders, so that they are be able to make the right choices that will accelerate the company’s performance. The extensive experience of our advisors is what differentiates us from our competitors. We cooperate with a club of senior executives, who are able to provide hands-on guidance and leadership coaching.

With the radical changes that take place in work environments, today more than ever, the companies need an effective and well-structured succession plan. CS can help you with the succession planning process, that is the creation of the whole succession plan, which includes the assessment of internal candidates to test leadership potential. Upon the role is allocated to the new employee, help is also provided so that a smooth transition to the new role is achieved and the new CEO feels fully adapted to the new environment and ready to face the challenges of the new role.

The effective cooperation among the members of a leadership team is what can make a team achieve top performance. CS also focuses on helping you build and maintain high performing boards & executive teams that are able to work well together and bring the desirable financial results. The two most important things that can determine a business’s future, is the inter-team collaboration within the leadership team and the alignment with business strategy. We are able to provide high level advice on how to improve the level of collaboration within your leadership team and how to achieve alignment with the future direction of the business.

In order for the above to be achieved, your board members should match the company’s culture. CS can guarantee that through the leadership assessment services it provides. First, we identify the capabilities required for the senior roles that need to be filled and then, through a specific assessment process, we chose the candidates that not only live up to the demands of the role but also match the company’s values and strategies.

No matter how well a team performs, there is always room for improvement. In an existing leadership team, CS is able to identify developmental needs of individuals and provide executive coaching/ talent strategy services. In that way not only people with the right skills will be put in the right places but also talent will be developed and retained.

We take your time seriously and expect you to do the same with us.

The analytical diagnosis of a company’s needs and the development of a methodology geared toward the improvement of an organization’s performance require working hours from our senior team and therefore will be charged.