Executive Search has always been, and still is, the main area of service we provide to our clients. We help our clients deliver their corporate strategy, by spotting and placing talented leaders, able to add value to their organization.

Over the last decade, CS has developed an Executive Search methodology, which has ensured the successful completion of all the projects assigned to us so far. We focus on finding the best fit for a company not only from a business but also from a cultural point of view. This is why we base our selection not only on the candidate’s suitable skills and competences but also on the right attitude, mentality as well as business perspective, that matches a company’s profile and ethos. It is, therefore, of high importance to us to first gain a deep understanding of your business’s culture and then, based on the specific requirements of the role, select the candidate that will be the best fit.

In order to be able to deliver excellent executive search services, we need to follow every single step of our Executive Search process, which includes a thorough understanding of the specific need for recruitment, a detailed analysis of the position’s impact to the organization followed by the development of a specific Search Strategy. What follows is the screening process, the evaluation of the candidates as well as the candidate’s reference check, during the conduction of which, the utmost attention is paid. According to our policy, during the whole process, both the client and the candidate may receive any kind of support requested, so that the best results can be achieved for both ends.

Clients that come from a wide range of industries, all agree that balancing between wide market search and fast spot-on placements is the core of the services they get from us. Executive search is a very important, crucial and highly confidential process that requires efficiency yet subtlety. Our unique approach on executive search along with the high standards of confidentiality we adhere to, is what makes us stand out for our Executive search services.