In executive recruitment, what makes the candidate selection process successful, is the assessment process that is followed. CS has developed an executive assessment process that is able to bring accurate, reliable data, which can help in the selection of the most suitable leadership team members. Our experienced team uses a combination of competency based and behavioral interviews as well as a series of scientifically proven tools ( i.e HOGAN psychometric tests) in order to gain a clear view of the strengths, weaknesses and special characteristics of the candidates, that will determine their suitability for the role and the work environment. The information collected during the executive assessment is very useful and may also be used for the executive development, the creation of a succession plan or the improvement of the effectiveness of the leadership team.

At CS we consider our responsibility to provide customized executive assessments to our clients in order to meet their unique needs. This is why, during the assessment process, extra attention is paid not only in matching the right candidate with the right work environment but also the right cultural background of each company. Only when a company and its executive members share common values and business perspective, cultural alignment and, therefore, success can be achieved.