Greek bank closures may deplete supermarket shelves

* Ban on int'l bank transfers crimps local operations * Finance Ministry: Firms can fax requests to wire money * Firms are finding solutions but remain cautious By Martinne Geller and Lefteris Karagiannopoulos LONDON/ATHENS, July 3 (Reuters) - A halt to international payments from Greek bank accounts is hurting Greek businesses and their foreign partners [...]

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The Executive Search Standards

The Executive Search service has been prevalent in the Greek market for almost three decades. Like everything in life and business, this service is constantly evolving. Either because of the evolving of the executives working in this sector, or because of the growing technology. But what is it that makes this service qualitative and really [...]

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Talent Management

The main objective of most companies for the year 2017 should be associated with the management and talent development clearly emphasizing on skills or special qualifications, mainly in administrative and technical levels. Human Resources (HR) Department through talent management processes and procedures should be able to contribute to the overall effectiveness and financial performance of [...]

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Resistance to Stagnation – Stop bleeding and gain success

Revenues falling and costs are rising? Market share declines? Customers and key employees abandoning ship? Creditors getting ever more stressed? Bills are paid late? We have to accept that not all businesses succeed. In these economically challenging times there are more and more businesses that find themselves at that forked road that one leads to [...]

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